Corporate Days
and Weekends


Wildcrafts are pleased to be able to offer to our corporate clients team building days or weekends.


Set in private woodland with access to two lakes we can tailor a course to your individual needs. There is nothing better to get a team working together if they have to make a raft to get across the island in the lake where their supper is!


We can run a corporate course for a day or for a weekend. For the weekend course you can choose to stay in the woods where we would provide shelter and food or if you wanted to retire to a local hotel to discuss the days events then we can arrange that for you.



Something as simple as making a cup of coffee or tea will involve collecting tinder and fire wood. Getting your fire going by friction or flint, collecting your water, purification and the boiling over your fire. All demonstrated by our Wildcrafts staff.


We can cover group shelter building and of course this can be used for the night. In fact we actively encourage this.


These are some of the areas we can cover for the course. Fire lighting using friction, Water purification, Shelter building , Nature Walks amongst many other skills.


We will provide all the equipment required. Your staff would need to bring a change of clothes, waterproofs and sturdy shoes, a mug, plate, knife, spoon and fork.



Contact Les Davidson by email les@wildcrafts.co.uk to discuss your requirements in more detail.


One thing we can assure you is you will return to work the next day with plenty to talk about and a feeling of achieving something as a team.


We will provide an invoice for prepayment prior to the course. Please note we are not VAT registered.

Phone the Chief Instructor Les Davidson on  07877 026082
to discuss your personal requirements