Nature Walks

Do you want to know more about the fauna and flora in the woods. Keen to learn you tree identification, fungi and other wild foods.

Maybe you want to be able to spot the signs of a deer scrape or know how long ago it passed your way by looking at its dropping.


Well a nature walk is for you. Join us for an amble through the woods with an experienced woodsman. We will stop and explain about various trees and plants and depending in the year taste some of them.

Did you know that a common tree you see most days gets rid of headaches.

It works, I have tried it.



Join us to find out which one!!!



Walks are mornings or afternoons and take about 3 hours. We are not specific on times and mat take longer depending on the time of year and what we see.

As we are in the woods, we love being in the woods , so are not normally in a hurry to get out.


A very enjoyable and educational walk. We are happy to have a group booking.

So if you are in a rambling, walking or nature club then give us a call.


The cost per person is £40.00 but we have a minimum group of 8 people on the walk. We will ask you for preferred dates but if we cannot get to the numbers required we may offer another date. This is at the discretion of Wildcrafts and we may run a walk with less.



Please email us with the dates you require as this is dependent on your needs. We will endeavour to give you the dates you require.


Please note another course may be running in another part of the woods.


Out door clothes and sturdy shoes or boots are required. Please bring food and a drink to consume as we may be out for a while.













Email Wildcrafts for dates available. Please indicate which month you would like to do the course and your content and we will come back with dates for you.