Bushcraft Stag Do

Send the groom of in style with this different stag do.

We will cover the same syllabus on the Basics course for the weekend.

You will be able to build a group shelter or individual shelters away from the main camp area so in the evening of Saturday you can chew the fat with your friends finishing of with wild food round the fire ( if you catch any!)

Please note that we will allow a small amount of alcohol to toast the groom to be but as there are cutting tools on site this is kept low. If we feel that to much alcohol has been consumed you will not be able to use the cutting tools on the course. This is a prerequisite of the booking. We want you to have fun but we want you to be safe.



As this is a private booking and there will be no other courses on this part of the site there is a minimum party booking of 8 students.

The cost per student is £162.00 and a £50.00 deposit for each is required on booking. Please email us with the dates you require as this is dependent on the wedding day. We will endeavour to give you the dates you require.

Please note another course may be running in another part of the woods.


Set in a woodland on a private estate with safe access to two lakes, we will introduce you to the core skills necessary for both the enjoyment and potential survival in wilderness areas. These will include:

* Wilderness safety

* Protection from the elements

* Natural shelter building

* Fire lighting and management

* Water collection and purification

* Collection and preparation of wild food

Course Level     Child Friendly  Length (Days)  Food Provided

Novice                No                  2 Days              Yes


Provided on first night, second night is under shelter built by students




You need to bring

* Suitable outdoor clothing (including warm clothes – jumpers, thermals, gloves, warm hat and waterproofs)

* Suitable footwear (boots or walking shoes, trainers do not provide enough support or warmth)

* Kip mat / Thermo rest

* Sleeping bag

* Cooking pot that can be hung over a fire

* Personal first aid kit

* Ruc sac

* Knife, fork, spoon set (KFS)

* Mug with handle – metal mugs are more durable and can be used for heating drinks in

* Torch / head torch

* Bowl / plate

* 2 x water bottles ( this is important as one is used for water collection from the lake and the other you use to drink from)

* 2 x candles ( night lights are fine)

* 10 metres of Para cord / nylon cord

* Alcohol / antibacterial hand wash gel

* Toilet roll

* Note book and pencil – pens tend to run out or freeze in cold weather

* Any other personal kit you wish to bring

* A camping chair or stool is highly recommended

We can provide the kit needed if you do not have it and will bring along to the course. You can order from the shop page beforehand.

We will provide

* A shelter for your first night under a tarp, the second night is under a shelter made by the students.

* Food for the weekend which includes a meal on the Friday, lunches and normally a meal on Saturday of wild foods you prepare yourself.

Please let us know if you are a vegetarian as the wild foods is meat or fish.

* A fire steel

* A carbon steel sheath knife suitable for your course needs.

Email Wildcrafts for dates available. Please indicate which month you would like to do the course and your content and we will come back with dates for you.