By completing the Advanced Bushcraft course (or Bushcraft Basics and Wildfire) you will have a set of skills which, with practice will stay with you for the rest of your life. The Survival Bushcraft course is designed to give you the practical experience of having to rely on them over the week of the course.


You’ll have 24 hours to refresh your memory on previously learnt skills before being placed into as realistic a situation as safety allows, you will then have to live from the land, foraging for food and water, building a shelter to live in and rubbing sticks to make fire.


Apart from the clothes you wear, you will have a knife, a pot to cook in, a torch and a personal first aid kit.


This course is run all year round and in all weathers, it is both mentally and physically demanding, so a certain level of fitness is required. Although essentially on your own, our instructors will always be close by to provide guidance and assistance, should it become necessary.


Course Level     Child Friendly  Length (Days)  Food Provided

Intermediate      No                  4 Days              Only for 24 hour practice period

Survival Bushcraft Course



You need to bring


Suitable outdoor clothing (including warm clothes – jumpers,thermals, gloves, warm hat and waterproofs)

Suitable footwear (boots or walking shoes)

Torch / head torch

A carbon steel sheath knife given to you on a previous Wildcrafts course

Personal first aid kit

Cooking pot that can be hung over a fire

We will provide


A shelter for your first night

Food for your 24hrs ‘practice’